Ana Maria and Alain Bars, the owners of U & I Deco

Ana Maria and Alain Bars, the owners of U & I Deco

Two worlds represented by two artists collided in 2002 when France met Peru.

When Ana Maria and Alain met. Due to a mutual yearning, we soon became partners with a distinct expression of art in a new manner.

Our shared passion for art has been the main driving force behind the birth, development and growth of our store, U & I Deco.

We are a distinctly unique store offering an eclectic collection of furniture, household accessories, and artwork in American and European designs accentuated by Peruvian craftsmanship. We make elegant and artistic use of wood, metal, glass, leather and other materials to produce the desired outcome.

Because our abilities extend much further, we do not limit ourselves and will take on challenging projects to your specifications. As an added bonus, U & I Deco offers professional restoration of antiques and artwork.

Please be sure to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

We would be delighted to see you; please do come and visit us and give us the pleasure of doing business with you, or CALL US and we will visit you at your home for your custom decoration needs.

Thank you for your interest in U & I Deco.

Ana Maria & Alain Bars